Taxi Service on Vieques

Taxis on Vieques are the same vans that function as 'carros públicos'. Públicos usually pick up passengers along their designated routes for a small fee.
When you want taxi service, you have to call them for a special pickup. Print this list for reference when in Vieques! features:

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Vieques Car Rental in ViequesVieques Car Rental
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Angel(787) 741-1370
Ana Robles(787) 741-2318
Papy's Taxi(787) 741-1359
Lolo Felix Tours(787) 485-5447
Nito & Abby(787) 741-4469
Jorge(787) 741-2116
Fernando(787) 605-4100
Eric(787) 741-0448
Pepe Car Service(787) 741-3392
Ishmael Ramos(787) 741-0095
Henry(787) 741-8621

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