Grocery Shopping

Below is a list of places where you can buy groceries on Vieques, Puerto Rico. You can buy everything, from 'platanos' - the banana type fruit that 'tostones' are made of - to most food staples you find in the US!
Except of course at Michael's, where you will find smoked salmon, charcuteries and cheeses. features:

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Zee Store Organics in ViequesZee Store Organics
Fresh Organic Produce
Delivery & Special Order
Blue Macaw Catering(787) 741-2538
Michael's FoodSpaceemail(787) 741-0490map
Colmado Lydia(787) 741-8678map
Colmado Mambo(787) 741-8080
El Encanto(787) 741-1306
El Sombrero Viejo(787) 741-2416
La Dulce Panadería(787) 741-0085map
Panadería Lydia(787) 741-8679map
Superdescuentos Moralesmap
Vieques Fruit Marketmap
Vieques Health Foods(787) 741-4744map
Zee Store Organicsemail(787) 741-1541
Colmado Molino(787) 741-0015

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