Vieques Timeshare Rentals by Owners

Accommodations in Vieques, Puerto Rico
Timeshare Rentals by owner – available at many of the hotels and resorts around Vieques, Puerto Rico such as Rio Grande and Dorado. Timeshare Rentals offer more space and amenities than traditional Hotel Accommodations, often being equipped with full kitchens and separate bedrooms.

Timeshares can range in price depending on the number of bedrooms you and your group will need, but by renting directly from an owner it will save you hundreds compared to renting through the resort. If you want to save even more and if your schedule is flexible, you can look for off-season weeks. The weather in Puerto Rico is always beautiful and less people at the resort means fewer lines and more space to stretch out for you.

You can rent by-owner timeshares in Puerto Rico through online resale websites, one in particular that comes highly recommended is a site called It features a great FAQ section on everything timeshare and a large inventory of Puerto Rico timeshare villas for rent. Check out their inventory here.

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