The time of the Navy in Vieques

In the 1940s the US Navy 'expropriates' or 'buys at fair market value' - 26,000 acres (72%) of Vieques territory. The views on how this land deal was done differ strongly between military literature and PAZ para Vieques information material.
Starting in 1942 the Navy starts maneuvers, bombing practice and stores military explosives on Vieques.

The last sugar mill, Playa Grande closes - large sectors of the 'new' Navy territory were sugar plantations.

In 1947 the Department of the Interior tries to relocate Vieques' entire remaining population to the neighbouring island of Saint Croix, which has a very different culture.

Organized community opposition in the 1960's stops the Navy's attempt to get a hold of the remaining south coast area.

In the late seventies Fishermen and their local supporters block naval maneuvers and bombardment. They protest the environmental destruction and restrictions the Navy imposes on the use of their fishing grounds.

In 1980 the US Congress for the first time recommends the Navy to leave Vieques.

In 1989 the Navy attempts, for the last time, to expropiate the Monte Carmelo Barrio Destino area. The eviction of people from their homes is blocked by supporters.

On May 1st of 2003 the Navy leaves Vieques. The long history of the struggle is well documented by various websites, which are listed under the resources section!

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