The Biography of Michael Fischer

Michael grew up in the 'Sixties in Vienna,Vienna Apartment Austria, and early on developed a propensity to run into trouble at school. He learned what it means to be the 'outsider', even amongst his friends.

Michael Fischer, aboard 'Lady Helen'Although graduating 'cum laude' his choice of college was mostly influenced by his outsider status - he enrolled in one of the most prestigious art colleges in Europe, The Hochschule fuer Angewandte Kunst. Prestigious or not, after college he needed to make money. He began a career in print advertising.

Very adept at his new endeavour, he soon pondered whether selling his own artwork might be more satisfying.

With advertising dollars in his pockets he moved to New York City, the outsider capital of the world, at the age of 23.

A lot of money on the old continent can prove to be very little in NYC. He began an itinerant period, doing odd jobs and menial work to keep paying rent

Being pretty burned out, he booked a flight to Puerto Rico (where the outsiders of the old world arrived first) and wound up on the island of Culebra. Living on the beach on a $200/month budget Michael realizes, that fear kept him from 'making it in New York as an artist'.

He returned to NYC and rented an apartment with a view of the Empire State Building, with just 2-months rent in the bank. Income from portrait commissions flowed in, enough to cover rent and more. He saved money and built his dream loft.

'Lady Helen' anchored in CulebraThe real estate market took off. Michael bought a sailboat. Now sailing 'Lady Helen' back and forth between New York and Culebra.

Culebra became his second home. He developed a website to help potential visitors to the island find the information they are looking for - Isla - in 2002.

In 2004 a continuing interest in the sister island Vieques finally bears fruit in the form of!

Michael Fischer has combined his talents as artist and advertising professional in more than just these two web sites. For a full portfolio - google his work!

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